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noiembrie 6, 2019
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Magia Craciunului- workshop la birou
noiembrie 20, 2019

HCC and Transylvania College, Recruitment Workshop

What was all about?

Education is the key to evolution, the key to a future where deficiencies are diminished and qualities are turned into assets. Being aware of that aspect, we have decided to get involved in the academic sphere in order to bring our contribution and to share the knowledge we achieved from our activity field. Following two discussions we had at the Faculty of Psychology and at FSEGA, we have decided to create a workshop in high schools.

Thus, it has been implemented HCC and Transylvania College, Recruitment Workshop, where we spoke about the recruitment process, about the steps of creating a CV, about the desirable behavior during interviews and also about intership programs. As we enter in the building of Transylvania College, on the left, it is written: `Make a voice. Make a difference. Discover your spark`. This aspect showed us that our visions about education, and not only, meet. Together we can help students to create their own voice and to discover their passion with which they will shape the future.

Abut our work

Our workshop( carried out in two groups), coordinated by Luciana Beldean, started with an icebreaker through which the students got to know each other better. In this `game` they has to share with the rest of us three things: their name, their passion ans their dream job. We were impressed by the diversity of passions and aspirations, because we discovered horseback riding enthusiasts, students that play guitar or tennis, who dances or who love reading. At the question about the dream job, their answered: doctor, lawyer, IT engineer or employee at NASA.

The next step was a debate on how we should write a quality CV and on ways of managing an interview( q&a, possible scenarios, thread of conversation etc). We were surprised to see that the students have a good intuition and a lot of knowledge. Also, we discussed about the importance of internship programs. We find out that most of them had the chance of be a part of an internship through their College, thing which was effective, because we created a big picture of how these programs work in Romania.

To complete this stage, we made a role-playing game for which two students offered themselves to be recruiters and candidates. Following some hints, they succeeded in bringing to life an interview, using their creativity and their spontaneity.

Before ending the workshop, the students had to write questions regarding our theme. For some of them we answered there, but for the rest the business owner of HCC Evolution, Geo Ivanov, will answer in a video.  

Need to share vs. Need to know

The last moment was held by Livia, intern in our company. She shared her experience towards the internship program. She shared information regarding the interview, her duties and responsibilities, the reason she took this offer and more.

To the same extent that students learned new information abut labour market, us, as well, had the opportunity to learn. We found out the level of students involvement in professional life and, consequently, we can up-date our techniques and we can improve ourselves from the point of view of information we share.

We are eager to do this kind of workshop again, because we believe that we can bring value in education of young people. And, no matter the age or the activity field, don’t forget to `Make a voice. Make a difference. Discover your spark`.

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